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HIPOWER Generators

Global power supplier. HIPOWER is the U.S. subsidiary of Himoinsa S.L., one of the largest generator set manufacturers in Europe.

Headquartered in Spain with subsidiaries around the world, Himoinsa brings you HIPOWER, with quality gensets at competitive prices. Not an imitator, HIPOWER is committed to a growth strategy through innovation and change in the industry.


This list is for reference only and is by no means a complete list of all of the available generators. Please contact us if you have questions or don't see what you need.

HIPOWER Generators

All HIPOWER generators feature a robust construction with strict adherence to quality, while maintaining a minimal impact to the evironment. This unique design excels in all power generation applications, whether it be stand by, prime power or rental. HIPOWER has agenerator to fit your needs

Genset Engine
Model kW Brand Model
HPW-50 T6 48 Perkins 1104D 44TGI
HPW-65 T6 65 Perkins 1104D E44TGI
HPW-82 T6 81 Perkins 1104D E44TAG1
HPW-100 T6 100 Perkins 1104D 44TG2
HPW-155 T6 152 Perkins 1106D E66TAG3
HPW-555 T6 555 Perkins 2506C EISTAG4
Genset Engine
Model kW Brand Model
HFW-90 T6 86 Iveco NEF45 TM2X
HFW-135 T6 127 Iveco NEF67 TMIX
HFW-150 T6 150 Iveco NEF67 TEIX
HFW-200 T6 185 Iveco NEF67 TEIX
HFW-250 T6 255 Iveco C87 TEID
HFW-290 T6 288 Iveco C87 TEID
HFW-350 T6 350 Iveco C13 TE3X
More models available, please consult HIPOWER's Catalog for more information.